Digital Manifold

Uniweld’s SmarTech™ Wireless Digital Manifold

Part# USMAN5

Work Smarter

Digital Manifold
The SmarTech™ Wireless Digital Manifold combines the technology of your Android or iOS device with the superior craftsmanship of Uniweld manufacturing. This Digital Manifold is also equipped with highly precise sensors that output professionally accurate pressure and temperature readings.
SmarTech™ App
Work smarter with the free downloadable SmarTech™ app to communicate with the SmarTech™ Digital Manifold via Bluetooth. The app, with 109 refrigerant profiles, clearly displays the system readings and allows for real-time monitoring of Superheat, Subcooling, and Delta T calculations that are done automatically. The difference between the actual and target Superheat or Subcooling is shown with color indicators that signal whether the system is overcharged (RED), undercharged (BLUE), or within tolerance (GREEN). This takes all the guess work out of properly charging a system for maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

The SmarTech™ app includes an automated system performance reporting feature. Customize the SmarTech™ Verified Report with company and technician information and export as a PDF or CSV file that can easily be saved, emailed, tracked, or printed.

Unexpectedly More…

• 2-valve aluminum manifold with
  • 3/8″ center port
  • easy grip handles
  • double o-ring piston valves
  • easy access front hose holders
• 5 ft. 3/8″ charging and vacuum hose with full flow ball valve shutoff, plus 3/8″ x 1/4″ tank adaptor
  • more than 3 times faster vacuum than standard 1/4″ hose
• 5 ft. red & blue hoses with EZ Turn™ Anti-Blowback fittings
• EZ Access “T” Fitting™ for micron gauge connection built into the blue low side hose (Patents Pending)
• Red and blue K-Type temperature clamps with 6 ft. lead wire
• 2 K-Type thermocouple bead probes
• High impact rubber boot and protective padded case with built in storage compartments and front double zippers for quick and easy access

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